5 Very Best Places To Visit In Guatemala And Best Time To Visit

Best Time And Places To Visit Guatemala

The best time to visit Guatemala is through the dry year, which runs from November to April. On the other hand, the nation has a nice climate that lends itself to yearlong excursions, with temperatures between 72°F and 90°F.

Where Is Guatemala?

Guatemala is a Nation in Central America south of Mexico that borders the Pacific Ocean and Also Has a Brief coastline on the Gulf of Honduras in the Caribbean Sea. It’s also bordered by Belize, El Salvador and Honduras.

What is the capital of Guatemala?

Guatemala City is the capital of Guatemala.

What is the currency of Guatemala?

GTQ is your currency abbreviation for its Guatemalan quetzal. It’s the official currency of Guatemala, and is subdivided into 100 centavos.

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Top 5 Best Places to visit in Guatemala

1. Flores, Guatemala

 Flores, Guatemala

If you are crossing the boundary from Belize, go directly to Flores — this small island is nicely equipped for tourists so that it’s a fantastic introduction to Guatemala.

As a foundation city for excursions to Tikal, Flores is among the best Guatemala destinations although there is not much to do in town.

However, the cobblestone roads are fine to walk around and also the food marketplace is awesome.

To get a taste of life, take a look at the markets throughout the causeway at Santa Elena.

And if you are after panoramic views, have a boat over to San Miguel & hike to the watch tower treehouse.

2. Rio Dulce, Guatemala

Rio Dulce, Guatemala

Rio Dulce might be a hectic river city but it is an essential step if you would like to choose the scenic boat excursion to Livingston.

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On the way, the ship enters the old fort in Castillo de San Felipe, gardens of water lilies, nesting pelicans & cormorants, and hot spring on the banks of this lake.

As you’re at Rio Dulce, do not neglect to make a trip from the organic cold & hot waterfall in Finca El Paraiso.

It is a modest off-the-beaten-path but it had been clearly one of our favorite places for traveling in Guatemala.

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3. Livingston, Guatemala

Livingston, Guatemala

Livingston is only reachable by ship — you can therefrom Rio Dulce or Punta Gorda at Belize.

We would not suggest visiting Livingston really since there’s little to do or see, except for wandering the streets people viewing.

Livingston is home to some sizable Garifuna inhabitants, former African slaves that have settled along the Caribbean shore.

They have an exceptional culture so attempt to find some Garifuna drumming or tasty regional food.

4. Coban, Guatemala

Coban, Guatemala

If you are heading into Semuc Champey, it is likely that you are going to have to pass Coban.

It is surely a transportation hub however the church of El Calvario is well worth a fast stopover.

You may encounter some intriguing rituals inside — watching a duck sacrifice is something we all will not forget! Parque Central La Paz & Mercado Central will also be excellent examples of a normal town in Central America.

5. Nebaj, Guatemala

Nebaj, Guatemala

Wondering what else to do in Guatemala? Head to the highlands & foundation yourself in Nebaj, the ideal city for investigating the Ixil area.

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The temperature is cooler, so the people wear traditional clothes and there are loads of DIY trekking opportunities in the region.

The Nebaj into Acul increase is a simple path to follow Maps.me which will get you right into character.

Ultimately, you may even reward yourself with homemade cheese in Hacienda San Antonio.