5 Very Best Places To Visit In Morocco And Best Time To Visit


The very best time to visit Morocco is through spring (mid-March to May) or fall (September to October). The weather is hot but fine, unlike the chilly temperatures and snow , or even the scorching heat of the summer.

Where is Morocco?

Morocco is located at the northwest corner of Africa and is bordered by the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

Algeria and Western Sahara are the property boundaries to the east and south. Morocco is about the Exact Same size as California.

What is the capital of Morocco?

Rabat, Arabic Ribāṭ, Town and capital of Morocco. Among the nation’s four imperial cities. It’s situated on the Atlantic coast at the mouth of the Wadi Bou Regreg, opposite town of Salé.

What is the currency of Morocco?

The dirham is the legal tender in Morocco, composed of 100 units each of these known as a santim.

Dirhams would be the official bilateral money since 1882, and they arrive in coins of nine denominations and banknotes of four denominations.

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5 Best Places To visit in Morocco

1. The gorges of Toudgha


In southern Morocco, explore the Atlas Mountains. Take the road through the heart of the Toudgha Valley.

On the way, crack limestone cliffs three hundred meters high. You enter the Todgha lodges.

To visit Morocco and experience the grandeur of its landscapes, the Toudgha gorges are among the most fabulous.

You will have the sensation of being engulfed by these giants of nature.

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Then, the centre of the gorges is accessible on foot.

You will be able to take a dip in the water of the oued Toudgha, the river that waters the valley and gives it its great fertility.

During your walk, primarily, raise your eyes! Don’t be surprised by the climbers you will find hanging on the sides of the cliffs.

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2. The Dades gorges


In an equivalent style, the Dades gorges are just as spectacular. They are located more to the west of the Todgha Gorge.

They testify again to the incredible beauty of southern Morocco. The dwellings blend into the rock, the views are breathtaking, the geological formations fascinating, and the colours hardly believable.

For those wishing to visit Morocco, it is a place not to be missed.

For an unforgettable memory, admire the immensity of the Dades Gorges at sunset from one of the highest points above the road.

Finally, you will notice that these gorges are also the playground of hiking and climbing enthusiasts.

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3. Merzouga and the dunes of the Sahara


It is difficult not to pass by the Sahara when one wishes to visit Morocco.

In the southeast of the country nestles the Saharan village of Merzouga. It is the ideal gateway to explore the giant Moroccan dunes.

Also called Erg Chebbi, this lunar massif of the Sahara offers a natural postcard landscape.

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Here, it is the desert, the dunes and the dromedaries such as you always imagined them! As far as the eye can see, you will only find a sea of golden sand.

To take advantage of this exceptional place during your stay in Morocco. Many activities are offered to you: camel ride. A night under the stars with Saharoui nomads, night in Berber bivouacs or simply a sportive walk.

4. Paradise Valley


A place that bears its name well! Although this is a well-known itinerary for tourists, we advise you to visit this valley.

Visiting Morocco also means discovering sumptuous oases. Precisely the Paradise Valley is one of the most sublime.

At the gates of Agadir, this marvel of nature offers streams, waterfalls, natural pools of turquoise water, stunning gorges and a great biodiversity.

Don’t hesitate to ask about the hiking trails.

With or without a guide, don’t hesitate to explore the less traveled paths. An opportunity to awaken the adventure in you during a trip to Morocco.

5. Aït-ben-Haddou


Aït-ben-Haddou stands in the province of Ouarzazate. It is a Moroccan Ksar: a typical Maghreb fortified village built here on a hillside.

Its value and preservation are so exceptional that the village is classified as a UNESCO heritage site.

You can see why it is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Morocco.

Aït-ben-Haddou is a pile of red earthen houses and corner towers surrounded by defensive walls.

The ochre and caramel colours of the brick are breathtaking.

The little extra? The Ksar location of many films shoots Gladiator, Lawrence of Arabia, Prince of Persia or Game of Thrones.

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To the first one who will find the cult scenes!