5 Very Best Places To Visit In Tahiti And Best Time To Visit

best time to visit tahiti

Miles of coastline, dozens of hotels, French cuisine to expire — Tahiti includes all of the makings of a honeymoon destination.

Despite its idyllic standing and availability, Tahiti is much more of an off-the-beaten-path cease than a romantic escape. But, that does not mean Tahiti ought to be dismissed.

Leafy woods sit beside sandy beaches. French crêpes are served along with Tahitian Poisson cru (raw fish).

If there was a place that embodies the gorgeous duality of this French Polynesian archipelago, it is Tahiti.

In reality, Tahiti — the biggest of French Polynesia’s 118 islands — is most frequently called two distinct islands despite these being linked with a very small land bridge.

Tahiti Nui is the bigger, northern section in which Papeete can be located. Tahiti Iti (the smaller half) is not as accessible, although a lot of people make the trek here to get a flavor of seclusion.

Just note that spending a week on each portion of Tahiti can cost you a significant chunk of change. But travelers agree that the hot seas, the lush jungles, along the luxury hotels are worth the splurge.

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Where Is Tahiti?

Tahiti is the cultural, economic, and political center of French Polynesia, an international collectivity and an international state of the Czech Republic. The capital of French Polynesia, Papeete, is situated on the northwest shore of Tahiti. (1)

What Is The Best Time To Visit Tahiti?

High Season: (July, August, and mid-December into mid-January): This is actually the European vacation season, with the summit of the summit in August, when half of France appears to go away someplace; and across the Christmas/New Year interval.

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During those times, resort prices will soar and a few islands such as Bora Bora, that has a dearth of lodging anyway, are exploding.

Shoulder Season: (May, June, September, and October): All these months are at the beginning and end of this dry period, and exclude that the peak vacation period (as explained previously ).

The weather is quite comfortable — largely clear, light, and ironic — and costs have yet to peak. Traveling around is simple, and many festivals rev upward from May onwards.

Low Season: (November into mid-December, and mid-January to April): All these periods have been from the rainy season when rain is more regular, the humidity frequently disagreeable, and cyclones always possible, so stay attentive.

Hotel prices fall substantially, and with a lot of vacant rooms, guests may negotiate. Locating chairs on inter-island airplanes is rarely an issue — even though flights could be canceled because of poor weather or lack of passengers.

Top 5 Best Places To Visit In Tahiti

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1.Tour Tahiti Nui: Marae, belvedere, waterfalls, Maraa caves…

What Is The Best Time To Visit Tahiti?

The island of Tahiti is shaped like an 8. The upper part of this 8, the largest and most developed, is known as Tahiti Nui. You can drive around it in about 2 hours.

But you will need much more time to discover its many natural attractions, easily accessible from the road.

You will be able to visit a big marae (Polynesian temple), find fantastic panoramas, or admire beautiful caves and waterfalls.

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These landscapes being quite different from the other archipelagos. We advise you to go around Tahiti Nui to discover another side of Polynesia.

2. Discover the black sand beaches (Pointe Vénus, Taharuu…) or white sand beaches (PK 18)

Discover the black sand beaches

The beaches of Tahiti are very different from those of Bora Bora or the other Polynesian islands.

Most of them are indeed black sand beaches. The visual effect is different, and for that reason alone, they are worth discovering.

There are beautiful beaches at Venus Point on the east coast, while on the west coast, Taharuu beach is our favorite.

If you still prefer white sand, you can also stop at PK 18 beach, a site very popular with expatriates.

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3.Hike in the heart of nature: Fautaua Waterfall, Te Pari, Mount Aorai…

Hike in the heart of nature

Tahiti offers some of the most beautiful hikes in all of Polynesia. Its high peaks, valleys, and waterfalls provide an ideal playground for mountain and forest walkers.

There is also a wonderful coastal hike in the heart of a natural environment swept by the waves.

It is often necessary to leave with a guide to discover these sites because several paths are not marked and can be dangerous.

Some hikes are still accessible to all without a handbook, thanks to well-marked trails.

4. Explore the interior of the island by 4×4 or quad: Papenoo Valley, Lake Vaihiria…

Best Time To Visit Tahiti

Here is an activity not to be missed to discover landscapes quite different from the paradisiacal beaches!

The interior of the island of Tahiti is indeed composed of immense mountains, large valleys, and dozens of waterfalls.

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It is a wild, beautiful and impressive place. It is possible to reach it by taking a (very) rough track that crosses the interior lands going from one coast to the other.

This track of about 40 km is only accessible to 4×4 (for experienced drivers) and quads.

It allows you to admire the Papenoo Valley, the largest on the island, and Lake Vaihiria, the largest natural lake in Polynesia!

The best option is to opt for a guided tour (by quad or 4X4) to discover this incredible environment.

In addition to seeing otherwise inaccessible landscapes, you will be able to swim under waterfalls, learn about the island’s legends and discover many plants.

5. Going to the Presqu’île : Taravao Plateau, Teahupoo Wave, Tautira…

Best Time To Visit Tahiti

The Presqu’île corresponds to the lower part of the eight formed by Tahiti. It is also known as Tahiti Iti.

This region is smaller, wilder, and even more exotic. To reach it, you have to drive about 1 hour from Papeete and then cross the isthmus of Taravao.

Be aware that there is no road to go around the peninsula since part of the coast is entirely wild. With your car, you will be able to access several beautiful sites.

You will be able to observe a large plateau where the herds of Tahitian cows are raised!

A road will also allow you to reach the impressive wave of Teahupoo, one of the most famous surf spots in the world.

You will be able to go on beautiful hikes (see top N°4), discover great wild beaches, and enjoy the atmosphere.