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travel secure

Looking out the window and watching the clouds go by brings a certain peace with it. It’s crazy to think that we are so high above the ground, going about our own business in the sky, waiting to touch down in our destination of choice. That plane is what keeps us safe, and what gives us the ability to travel to anywhere our heart’s desire. Even though it’s something I personally love, I have to admit, I don’t always feel the best when I take flight. I think it’s something that we all experience in one way or another. I mean, we are 30,000 + feet above the earth, in a tightly packed vehicle with a lot of taxing factors added in (recycled air, fluctuating temperatures, sitting for hours on end…). Below are a few tricks I’ve learned that really help me feel (and look) my best while flying:

travel secure

1. First, shower. 

No matter what time my flight is, I always make a point of bathing prior to I head to the airport. I think being refreshed and clean is the first step to feeling your best, and it also acts as a second alarm clock when waking up for early flights. The warm water and fresh scents help to awaken the senses, and it’s always a good idea to be alert when dealing with airports. Your next-door neighbor on the airplane will value it, particularly on a long flight.

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2. Stay Hydrated + Use Saline Spray

Airplane cabins are extremely dry, which makes us more susceptible to dehydration. The air inside is also being recirculated, which means we’re breathing in and exhaling the same air as everyone else. To generate more oxygen, fresh air is pumped inside the cabin, however, this air is really dry due to the high elevation. To avoid dehydration, always have water on hand. It’s even good to start hydrating a couple of days before traveling. I also make sure to have a saline spray with me to keep nasal passages clean, hydrated, and rid of germs. Ever get blocked ears? A saline spray can help this too. Opening your nasal passages can help keep your Eustachian tube open, which prevents ear blockage.

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travel secure

3. DIY Muscle Rub

travel secureFlying requires us to sit for long periods of time in a tightly confined space. Muscles can cramp up and start to ache, and the inability to stretch calls for a backup method. Stashing a soothing muscle rub in your carry-on can help relieve some of that pain and tension and help you relax. Attempt something like Tiger Balm, or you can try making your own!

4. Snack On Olives

Turbulence and pressure changes are bound to happen at some point while up in the air, and both can cause nausea and motion sickness for some people. I suffer from this terribly. Even just thinking about that horrible feeling causes me to feel sick. I’ve heard that olives are a great way to prevent this. They contain tannins which decrease excess saliva that is produced when nausea sets in. Attempt consuming a couple of prior to removing or as quickly as the sensation strikes.

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5. Get A Window Seat 

travel secure

Getting some shut-eye throughout a flight is perfect, particularly on long journeys. I found that a window seat is my first choice when it comes to picking one of the three options. Let’s face it, the middle is just the worst, and the aisle is good if easy access to the bathroom is what you need. But, the window is where it’s at in my opinion. Having the wall of the plane to rest your head against makes for a more comfortable ride, and having that window to the sky becomes tranquilizing. Next time you’re debating which seat to choose, try going for a window. Plug into some relaxing music, or try using the app called White Noise. It’s a soundscape app that I use to help fall asleep. Watch out the window, listen to the noises, and drift away.

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