Travel Secure | What is Cigna Secure Travel?

Cigna Secure Travel is a comprehensive worldwide travel assistance program included for
individuals covered under a:

  • Cigna Basic and Voluntary Group Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) plan –
    the program offers travel assistance and assistance for medical emergencies during
    personal or business travel at least 100 miles from home.
  • Business Travel Accident plan – the program offers travel and medical emergency
    assistance for covered business travel of any duration at least 100 miles from home.

These services are provided by Generali Global Assistance (GGA), and customers must call
GGA in order to access the benefits and services of the program. There are no dollar limits on
medical evacuation or repatriation covered services.

To access the services a Covered Person, or in a medical emergency their designee, must
contact GGA’s multilingual coordination center available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (from
the U.S. and Canada, call 888.226.4567), from other locations call collect at 202.331.7635.

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Services Included with the Program

Included with your Secure Travel offering are the following services provided by Generali Global
Assistance and available for use by your Eligible Employees (and where applicable, covered
family members):

Pre-trip Planning Assistance

Prior to a trip, Covered Persons can contact GGA for up-to-date information on the following:

  • Inoculation and Visa Information – Information concerning visa and inoculation
    requirements of the foreign countries to which Covered Persons are traveling.
  • Cultural Information – Information concerning cultural and special events at the
    intended destinations, if available.
  • Temperature and Weather Information – Weather forecasts and temperatures for
    major cities around the world as well as domestic and international ski reports for major
    ski areas.
  • Foreign Exchange Rates – Information on foreign exchange rates between the U.S. and
    other currencies. The rates provided may vary slightly from rates posted by local financial
    institutions and are meant as general guidelines.


Assistance While Traveling

Telephone Interpretation Service.

In an emergency, GGA will provide telephonic interpretation services in all major languages. In situations that require written translation, GGA will provide referrals to local translators or a professional translation service.

Embassy and Consular Referral.

GGA will provide addresses and telephone numbers of the nearest American Consulate and Embassies.

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Transmission and Retention of Urgent Messages.

GGA will use its best efforts to transmit urgent messages for a Covered Person to the Covered Person’s family, friends, or business associates. GGA will also accept and retain messages for Covered Persons for up to fifteen (15) days.

Travel Arrangements.

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When requested, GGA will help Covered Persons make emergency travel arrangements, including airline, hotel, and car rental reservations. The Covered Person is responsible for payment for all tickets, accommodations, and rentals arranged.

Lost Luggage, Documents, and Personal Items.

f a Covered Person’s luggage, personal items, or travel documents have been lost, GGA will contact the appropriate authorities in order to locate the lost items and have them sent to the Covered Person. If requested, GGA will help a Covered Person secure replacement items from home. All
shipping and replacement costs are the responsibility of the Covered Person.

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Legal Assistance/Bail

In an emergency, GGA will attempt to help a Covered Person secure and post bail bonds worldwide, where permitted by local law, from funds guaranteed by the Covered Person or the Covered Person’s family or representative. GGA will also use its best efforts to provide a Covered Person with the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of lawyers in the area in which the Covered Person is traveling. However, the selection of and the expenses associated with securing the services of an attorney are the responsibility of the Covered Person.

Emergency Cash Advance.

In an emergency situation, and with the consent of the Covered Person, GGA will advance up to $1,500.00, upon the satisfactory guarantee of reimbursement. Credit card(s) used to guarantee reimbursement must have sufficient available limits to cover the amount of the advance.

Location of Medical Providers.

  • Upon a Covered Person’s request, GGA will provide the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of physicians, hospitals, dentists, and dental clinics in the area in which the Covered Person is traveling. GGA will also attempt to confirm the availability of the provider, and upon request make an appointment for a Covered Person with the medical provider of the Covered Person’s choice. Except as specifically provided in this agreement, expenses of medical care are not insured by Cigna

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Medical Monitoring.

  • When notified of a Covered Person’s medical emergency, GGA’s multilingual staff and, where appropriate, one of GGA’s physicians or nurses will attempt to contact the Covered Person and Covered Person’s Attending Physician to obtain a full understanding of the Covered Person’s situation and to discuss next steps. GGA will continue to monitor the Covered Person’s condition and will remain in communication until the Covered Person’s medical problem is resolved or the Covered Person has returned home.

Emergency Medical Payments.

  • When necessary to obtain needed medical services for a Covered Person, upon request GGA will advance up to $10,000.00 to cover on-site medical expenses.
  • Except as specifically provided in this agreement, expenses of medical care. re not covered by GGA or Cigna. Credit card(s) used to guarantee reimbursement must have sufficient available limit to cover the amount of the advance

Replacement of Medication.

  • If a Covered Person loses, forgets, or runs out of prescription medication while traveling. GGA will provide a medical referral so the medication can be pre-prescribed locally. Or confirm whether it can be shipped from the  Covered Person’s home, at the Covered Person’s expense, subject to local laws. The Covered Person will be provided with a cost estimate for the replacement medication and shipment costs, which shall be subject to Covered Person’s approval. Expenses of medical care are not covered by GGA or Cigna.


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Insured Benefits.

Emergency Medical Assistance

Cigna will pay the reasonable cost for medically necessary covered services (subject to all applicable conditions and exclusions) described below, arising from a Covered Medical
Emergency occurring during travel covered by the Policy, at least 100 miles from place of the
Covered Person’s permanent residence.

When the services are arranged and approved by GGA. “Covered Medical Emergency” means an injury, illness or disease diagnosed by a Physician which causes severe or acute symptoms that, if not provided with immediate care or treatment, would reasonably be expected to result in serious deterioration of the Covered Person’s health.

Place his or her life in jeopardy; and which first manifests itself suddenly and unexpectedly during
the travel as defined by the Plan.

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The services described below are only provided following the engagement of GGA for medical
evacuation or medical repatriation to arrange medically necessary transport of the Covered

The Covered Person or their designee must contact GGA at the phone number indicated
on their identification card to begin this process.

In making their determinations, GGA will consider the nature of the emergency, the person’s
condition and ability to travel, as well as other relevant circumstances, including but not limited to,
airport availability, weather conditions, and distance to be covered.


  • For employer-sponsored basic or voluntary group accident plans, all insured employees
    receive Cigna Secure Travel program benefits.
  • For Business Travel Accident (blanket) policies that do not include coverage for personal
    travel, Cigna Secure Travel is only available to insured employees during business travel
    covered by the Policy
  • When accident insurance is offered to employees on a voluntary basis, the employee
    must enroll in the plan to receive Cigna Secure Travel program benefits.
  • Cigna Secure Travel services are only available to a Spouse and Child(ren) covered
    under a Cigna Voluntary Accident plan when coverage for the Spouse and Child(ren) is

Exclusions and Limitations:

While the services described here are available in every country, some countries may
present political and other obstacles that may render assistance services difficult or
impossible. Examples are war, insurrection, natural disaster, the unavailability of
transport or other infrastructure – under these and similar conditions services cannot
always be guaranteed. Should a covered individual travel in any area in which there is a
rebellion, riot, military uprising, war, labor disturbance or strike. GGA will endeavor to
provide services which GGA believes it can safely perform under existing conditions.


Evacuation and repatriation services are limited to covered medical emergencies, and
exclude non-emergency treatment or travel for the purpose of obtaining medical care.
Service in the armed forces and injuries covered by worker’s compensation are also
excluded. Complete information regarding exclusions and limitations is provided by the
policy on the forms identified below.


The initial transport of the Covered Person from the location of the Covered Medical
Emergency, to the location where immediate first aid or other professional medical care is or can be obtained, is excluded.


Neither GGA nor Cigna can guarantee the quality of the medical services provider. Or the medical facility. The final selection of a local physician or medical facility is the Covered Person’s right and responsibility. The medical professionals or attorneys suggested or designated by GGA who provide direct services pursuant to this agreement are not employees or agents of GGA or Cigna and, therefore, neither GGA nor Cigna is
responsible or liable for their negligence or other acts or omissions.


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