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Here are the top 15 Destinations To Visit In 2020


Egypt is rising from its ashes after the crisis of 2011. This country continues to fascinate with its pyramids and numerous temples more than 4000 years old. Tourist infrastructures and guides are back at the service of the increasing number of travelers visiting the world’s great historical sites. The safety of travelers is the priority of the current government and you can feel it: you can stroll through the streets of Cairo without being accompanied. However, a guide is recommended, if only to understand the historical complexity of the sites. A little tip: think about visiting Egypt in summer! Although the temperatures are around 50 degrees Celsius, it’s the perfect time to be really alone. With the opening of the New Egyptian Museum scheduled for 2021 and a 35% increase in tourism in the last year, you should get to Egypt before anyone else!

2. Southern England

The South of England, from Dorset to Cornwall, is a unique destination for a journey of “eye-opening” discovery. Between small quaint villages, endless beaches, small coves with turquoise waters and breathtaking chalk cliffs, there is so much to see and do! And with its unspoiled nature and rich wildlife, it’s an ideal destination for photo safaris where birds and colorful flowers mingle against a backdrop of castle ruins. 2020 will be THE year to discover the treasures of England, thanks to the inauguration of the world’s longest coastal trail, which will showcase these iconic views. With its 4500 km, there is something for everyone. To be among the first to walk this magnificent coastal trail, it’s 2020!

3. Sri Lanka

In 2020, discovering Sri Lanka is a very good idea, as there are places far away from mass tourism in the country. Indeed, following the attacks of April 2019, the country is now highly secured (I went there in August 2019 and everything was fine) and not all travelers have returned yet. As a result, we can discover places that are normally very touristy in a rather quiet way. Sigiriya, Anuradhapura, and the southern beaches are less crowded, which allows you to discover these places in a quiet way and without the pressure of crowds.

Sri Lankans are always so welcoming and the country is full of small nuggets to discover: ancient cities, nature activities, safaris to see the leopard, or to rest near the beautiful places of the South or the East, Sri Lanka is an ideal, quiet and cheap destination for 2020.

4. Fogo Island – Newfoundland, Canada

Icebergs passing along a steep coastline, whale tails rising from a raging ocean, caribou herds crossing a plain blown by a boreal wind… Fogo Island is one of the best-hidden gems in Eastern Canada. If you believe in the flat earth theory, local legends will confirm that you are here on one of the four corners of the world. World-renowned for its extraordinary luxury hotel, the small 15 km long island has many other wonders. In addition to the rugged beauty of the scenery, the remarkable aesthetics of its fishing villages, and the warm hospitality of its local communities. If the island is still difficult to access due to its geographical isolation, it will seduce lovers of Nordic countries in search of a preserved destination where time seems to have stopped… Fogo Island, a well-kept secret to discover before it becomes known.

5. Parma – Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Italy’s Capital of Culture in 2020, Parma creates the perfect opportunity to plan a trip to Emilia-Romagna this year. Parma surprised me, charmed me, and fed me well. Its colorful alleyways with pastel facades and its large public squares are sure to attract attention and hold travelers’ attention. I fell in love with the vitality of its main artery at nightfall when all the terraces fill up and the vino flows freely. Its museums are numerous, as are its theatrical performances. There is important cultural life, hence its title. Oh, and do I need to mention that they eat like a king?

6. Dehang – China

In 2020, I suggest you get off the beaten track and visit Dehang, a small village in the Miao minority in China. The reason I recommend that you go there next year is simply that this peaceful village in Hunan Province is about to be transformed into a Disneyland of tourism.

Located in a valley surrounded by karst peaks, Dehang is worth the trip for its traditional architecture. Also for the places to discover in the surroundings: Tianwen Platform, a 2h (one way) hike that will lead you to a magnificent viewpoint on the surrounding mountains. And Liusha Waterfall (1h walk), which is the highest waterfall in China. However, when I was there, they were already planning to build a road to allow tourist buses to go to the waterfall… So, my advice: go ahead and enjoy it in 2020 before it’s too late!

7. Great Barrier Reef – Queensland, Australia

One of the most beautiful things I have seen in my life is without a doubt the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia. We’ve all heard about it, but seeing it is something else! The largest ecosystem on earth and a World Heritage Site, the site is unfortunately in danger due to pollution and climate change. Is the Great Barrier Reef doomed to disappear? Everything is being done to protect and restore it, but the work is enormous. If you travel to Australia, it’s a sight not to be missed, but think about the impact you can have on the Great Barrier Reef: use appropriate sunscreen and eco-friendly activities to protect this wonder of nature.

8. Traveling less, traveling better in 2020

Impossible to suggest traveling less in an article on destinations to visit in 2020? That’s why I’m suggesting that you travel better. In 2020, it’s time to question the way we travel. The carbon footprint of air travel contributes to global warming, we are constantly being hammered with this information.

So this year, I suggest you explore bus and train travel. If you have the chance to travel longer but less often, it’s even better. It’s not only greener, it’s also cheaper! In some countries, train travel is also a way to discover culture and experience. I will never forget those unique moments on the trains in Sri Lanka. In short, admire the landscapes, engage a conversation with a stranger, walk slowly, my watchwords in 2020: slow everything.

9. London – England, United Kingdom

In the summer of 2020, I advise you to go to London. Clearly London can be visited all year round, but it is much more pleasant in summer. In July 2020, the two semi-finals and the final of the Euro 2020 Football Cup will be played there. Although the matches are spread over 12 different countries for this Euro 2020, the last week is only in London.

After being world champions, we can hope that France will win this Euro 2020 as well. Who knows? And London will undoubtedly take back the pleasant atmosphere of the 2012 Olympic Games! That year, I had spent the whole summer there and I can tell you that there are so many things to do in London that you can spend a weekend like several months without ever getting bored. Moreover, in summer there are plenty of extra events like festivals or the famous Notting Hill carnival.

10. Quebec – Canada

Why not take advantage of the year 2020 to slowly (re)discover our beautiful province of Quebec in a different way? Having recently returned from a 5-month, 20,000-kilometre journey, I have not yet fully recovered from the beauty of this province that I thought I already knew quite well. Sitting at the top of a hard-earned mountain, where arctic-alpine vegetation grows, or hurtling down an improbable dune, my feet in salt water or pensive at the top of a cliff. I was constantly blown away by the immensity of the Quebec scenery. At a time when the importance of buying local, promoting our culture. And encouraging regional artisans is being emphasized, it seems interesting to me to consider Quebec as a destination to be (re)discovered, again and again.

11. Vietnam

Although Vietnam is not the latest arrival on the tourism market, it is still an authentic destination to visit. The tourism industry has made progress and its offer is more and more interesting, especially for everything from slow travel to ecotourism. The activities are varied, the people are welcoming and warm, their history is rich and fascinating, the country is safe and the food is so good! I don’t know if the country will one day be engulfed in a hyper-marketing of tourism. So let’s take advantage of the opportunity to go there in 2020, you never know. And did I mention that the food is good?

12. Latvia

Are you looking for a European destination that is not affected by mass tourism and will not drain your wallet? Welcome to Latvia! This small Baltic country has a lot to offer. Latvia is approached with its capital Riga. A city that has evolved a lot since I’ve known it: medieval heritage, an exceptionally beautiful Art Nouveau quarter. And microbreweries installed in old industrial buildings are its advantages. If visitors have been able to find their way around Riga, this is not the case in the rest of the country. It is sparsely populated and offers large natural areas of forests and marshes. But also long sandy beaches on its Baltic coast. Add to these small fairy-tale towns, a serious sauna, and balneotherapy culture, and you will feel as if you have discovered a real treasure!

13. Curaçao

Colorful, authentic, and vibrant, the island of Curaçao is still one of the best-kept secrets of the Caribbean in 2020. Although tourism is becoming an increasingly important part of the country’s economy, crowds are still scarce and it’s time to take advantage of them! Whether you’re a traveler who prefers youth hostels or luxury hotels. You’ll be happy to know that there’s an interesting choice of freshly built and trendy accommodation.

This island hides numerous coves surrounded by cactus and crystal blue water not far from a city center with European monuments worthy of Amsterdam’s architecture. Curaçao has something for everyone with its many activities and tasty gastronomy that perfectly reflects the cultural diversity of the population. Whether you want to relax on a different beach every day, climb mountains, dive into a shipwreck. Dance the streets of Willemstad to the rhythm of the locals or enjoy the spectacular scenery, Curacao is the ideal destination to travel to in 2020!

14. Galway – Ireland

Located on the west coast of Ireland, the gateway to Mayo, the Aran Islands, and Connemara. The city of Galway is a destination as atypical as it is ideal for discovering the Emerald Isle. With its famous nightlife (some of the best pubs in the country). Its local gastronomy (the fresh fish is extraordinary, without forgetting the fish and chips). Its small markets and its festive atmosphere (especially in summer, with street festivals, music, shows). Galway offers a truly unique experience, at once Irish, human, and unusual. Strolling along the Quay, strolling to Salthill (on the seafront). Landing in Eyre Square, watching curious herons and busy fishermen: life in full swing, in Irish rhythm. Without stress or rhinestones. The cherry on the pudding: Galway is, along with Rijeka, the European Capital of Culture 2020!

15. Uganda

Uganda, the “Pearl of Africa”, is a destination that is still little-known. But which offers an authentic welcome and grandiose landscapes, with incredibly rich fauna and flora.

Traveling to Uganda in 2020 also means contributing to the preservation of an endangered species. The mountain gorillas, masters of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. They have recently been downgraded from Critically Endangered to Endangered. This first victory is largely due to the development of tourism in Uganda, which helps finance their conservation. Encountering them remains my most memorable travel experience to date.

The splendid Murchison Falls National Park, one of the sources of the Nile, is also to be discovered while there is still time, as the Nile is threatened by the discovery of oil deposits.