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Best Places In Asia: China, Vietnam, Cambodia, India… Here is our selection of trips to make in Asia. We don’t know about you but we have our suitcases ready!

Here are the best places in Asia to visit in 2020

Rajasthan – India

Rajasthan seems to come out of an oriental tale, with its palaces, maharajas, temples and harmoniously colored cities. Jodhpur the blue, Jaipur the pink, Udaipur the white, Jailsamer the yellow…

History has left many traces in Rajasthan, those of the Rajputs, the Muslims, the Moghuls, the British settlers. We can still decipher it like in an open book. Fascinating.

Southwest of Delhi, we leave a “modern” India to go back in time and immerse ourselves in a more traditional, rural India, with arid and mountainous landscapes. In a word: eternal India.

At the foot of the Himalayas – Nepal

The absolute must for lovers of trekking and wide open spaces. One comes here mainly for the fantastic trekking possibilities in the mythical Himalayan range, which culminates at 8,848 m, with Mount Everest.

Nicknamed “the Hermitage Kingdom”, “the Home of the Gods”, or “the Steps to Paradise”, Nepal is a mythical crossroads on the Salt and Silk Road. It is also a multicultural mosaic of tolerance.

Buddha would have been born in the plain of Teraï, in edge of the great plain of the Ganges. Do not miss the fabulous Chitawan National Park. Explore the “heart of the jungle” by canoe on the Rapti River or take a hike in the forest. And visit Kathmandu, the Nepalese capital, which is classified by UNESCO.

The temples of Angkor – Cambodia

Who doesn’t dream of exploring the mythical city of Angkor, Cambodia? The charm of the ancient Khmer capital from the 9th to the 14th century lies in its mystery and its proximity to nature. Angkor will have lived more than 500 years, from its foundation in the IX th century to its decline in the XIV th century.

Plan at least three days of visit, because the site, gigantic, extends over 400 km 2. Many people come to the most famous sites – Angkor Watou le Bayon – but one often finds oneself (almost) alone in the temples further away from the Grand Circuit.

Our advice: go early in the morning, especially on the most famous sites (Angkor Wat), or around closing time, when the tourist buses have left. Angkor reveals itself to you in all its intimacy and splendor… Magic!

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Hanoi and Along Bay – Vietnam

Located in the north of Vietnam, Hanoi is part of the club of the most beautiful cities in Asia. Its particularity? Although it is authentically Vietnamese, it comes from the two cultures, Chinese and French, which have shaped the city.

Stretching on the west bank of the Red River (Sông Hồng), Hanoi has remained a city on a human scale, deeply human. A fascinating theater scene that will seduce lovers of urban poetry.

Easily accessible from Hanoi, Along Bay has about two thousand sugar loaves of all shapes and sizes, emerging from the sea and stretching for hundreds of kilometers. One of the most famous landscapes in Asia, classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

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Andaman Sea Islands – Thailand / Malaysia

Ko Phi Phi, Ko Lanta, Ko Lipe, Langkawi, Penang … The names alone are invitations to travel, synonymous with small paradises, white sand, sun and turquoise sea. But also adventurers, freebooters and other privateers who have left their mark on Andaman.

On the Thai side, the national parks, land or sea, are numerous. Ko Tarutao still looks like the morning of the world. There are thousands of coconut beaches, spread over the continent or the hundreds of islands in the Andaman Sea. Scuba diving enthusiasts will also find their account. Enough to attract quite a few people…

To the northwest of Malaysia, on the border with Thailand, lies an archipelago of 99 fairy islands: Langkawi, an ancient pirate’s lair cradled by myths and legends. The landscapes are splendid, even if the tourist complexes are starting to develop quite a lot. Finally, Penang preserves, against tourist winds and tides, traces of its glorious past, particularly in Georgetown.

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The temples of Bagan – Burma

Between Rangoon and Mandalay, one of the most beautiful archaeological sites in Asia. Bagan has enough to impress the traveler with its thousands of pagodas, temples and stupas built between the 11th and 12th centuries.

Bagan lies like a dream on the banks of the Irrawaddy River. This open-air museum is above all a magical, unforgettable place: to be convinced of this, all you have to do is climb one of the 2,000 temples on the site at sunset.

You can reach Bagan by the Irrawaddy River, by taking the boat from Mandalay. The spectacle is magnificent. From Bagan, one can go to Lake Inle, a marvel of tranquility located at some 200 km, and to Yangon to see the extraordinary Shwedagon pagoda.

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Beijing and the Great Wall of China – China

Beijing (Beijing) is a concentrate of China! Political center of the country, the “capital of the North” is also a great imperial city where history has left deep imprints, from Genghis Khan to Mao.

The Forbidden City is obviously the best known site, but you should not miss the Summer Garden, the Temple of Heaven or, in another genre, the hutongs, alleys witnessing the Beijing of yesteryear.

At the gates of Beijing, the Great Wall of China is one of the most fascinating sites in the world, which undulates for 6,700 km through the step. It can be visited on several sections: Badaling, the most touristic site, Mutianyu, wilder, or Simatai, more authentic.

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Hong Kong – China

Between East and West, Hong Kong is a universe in itself and a unique place in the world. A sort of Asian equivalent of New York, this legendary city, nicknamed “Asia’s World City”, impresses with its skyscrapers rising to the sky. A fabulous spectacle at night, when the neon advertising lights of Kowloon and the brand new buildings of Central shine brightly.

Hong Kong combines high-tech modernism with ancient traditions: take a stroll through the heart of the Chinese city with its lively night markets. A tireless beehive, a stunning maelstrom!

Less well known, Hong Kong is spread over an archipelago of some 260 islands. The majority are uninhabited or without cars. Half an hour by bus or ferry from Central, nature takes all its rights. Hong Kong has 23 regional parks, criss-crossed by hiking trails and covering 40% of the territory!

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Tokyo, Kyoto and the Fuji Yama – Japan

High technology and ancestral traditions, sprawling cities and nearby nature… So many contrasts that make Japan and delight the traveler.

Tokyo, the largest city in the world, presents an electric, hectic, sparkling urban universe. A metropolis with anarchic architecture and extraordinary vitality, Tokyo knows how to constantly renew itself.

In contrast, Kyoto, the former imperial capital, is the city of arts and geishas, tea and ikebana. Kyoto, whose emblem is the fabulous Golden Pavilion, remains the cultural, artistic and intellectual capital of Japan, which has cultivated a balance between tradition and modernity.

As for Mount Fuji, it is, with its 3,776 m of altitude, the highest mountain in Japan. Its ascent is possible only during two months in summer. A sacred mountain, Mount Fuji is the home of the Shinto deities who rule over the visible and invisible world.

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Bali and Lombok – Indonesia

Bali is one of the smallest islands of the Indonesian archipelago, but by far the most touristy. Beaches, superb volcanic reliefs covered with forests, rice fields, omnipresent culture and the sweetness of the Balinese… The “island of the gods”, which distils a magnetic charm, combines all the assets.

To discover authentic Bali, you must take your time and explore the nooks and crannies, take the small roads, far from the artificial paradises of the south coast. You will then immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a village, the tranquility of a rural setting. Take the East Coast Road from Tulamben to Candi Dasa to discover a more intimate Bali.

It would be a shame to go to Bali without visiting its neighbor Lombok, with its more discreet and authentic charm. Between beach, volcano, and rice field, a small tropical Eden, untouched.

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