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Best places in Paris France: You don’t have to go far to discover beautiful landscapes, go and discover our magnificent country that is France.

Here are the best places in France to visit.


Paris is said to be the most beautiful city in the world. Finally, one of the most beautiful, let’s not be chauvinistic. It is, in any case, one of the most visited cities on the planet, proof of its irresistible power of attraction.

The City of Light is a magnet that collects lovers. People come here for its monuments, strolls along the Seine, gastronomy, fashion and shows. It is frequented as a solitary walker or as a lover. Paris is inexhaustible.

Images of postcard, petrified of memory, will continue for a long time to nourish the myth: Notre-Dame, the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Place de la Concorde, the Arc de Triomphe, the Opera, the Montmartre Hill…

And we will surprise ourselves, whether it is the first or the umpteenth time, to discover the real Paname at the bend of a street or at the counter of a bistro. A cosmopolitan city on the move (especially in the east), with many faces, which has many stories to tell us.

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Brittany and Mont Saint-Michel

Brittany is a whole universe with a strong character. This peninsula, which indicates the end of Western Europe, juts out into the Atlantic Ocean and ends with Finistère, in other words the “end of the world”.

Caps and cliffs, rocky inlets and coves, sheltered bays and sandy or pebble beaches. Rare are the coastlines as indented as that of Brittany. The north of the region is characterized by its variety of landscapes: the bocage of Ille-et-Vilaine, the moors of the Monts d’Arrée, river valleys, the Léon plateau.

West of Saint-Brieuc, the Emerald Coast changes into the Pink Granite Coast. Then comes the beautiful country of Abers, all of stone and wind. The south shelters the Pays bigouden, the Gulf of Morbihan, but also the islands: Sein, Groix, Belle-Île…

Finally, on the way, an obligatory stop in Normandy, at the (administrative) gates of Brittany, to see the sublime Mont Saint-Michel, a high place of spirituality and one of the icons of France.

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MONT SAINT-MICHEL the most amazing place


A name that evokes a land of plenty, where life is sweet and gastronomy legendary. People come to the Périgord for its products that make your taste buds quiver: foie gras, geese, boletus, truffles, walnuts, honey or chestnuts…

Among the treasures of Périgord, the region of Sarlat with its two admirable valleys: those of Vézère and Dordogne. The meanders of the Dordogne valley are dominated by castles such as Beynac or Castelnaud, and by the romantic hanging gardens of Marqueyssac.

The most beautiful villages of the Sarladais country are the expression of the happiness of living in France: La Roque-Gageac, wedged between the Dordogne river and the cliff, the bastide of Domme with its romantic alleys, and the medieval fortified city of Belvès.

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PERIGORD – France Tourisme 2020 – 4K


Lavender fields make tourists from all over the world dream, and rightly so. Rare are the places in the world that marry so much the beauty of the landscapes and the cult of the art of living.

Provence, of course, it is these olive trees, this blue sky and this light that seduced Van Gogh. The fishing ports on the Mediterranean and the dazzling whiteness of the Sainte-Victoire that inspired Cézanne. The vineyards of the Côtes de Provence and the rice fields of the Camargue. The arenas of Arles, the City of the Popes in Avignon and the MuCEM in Marseille.

But, beyond the images of this land blessed by the gods, we discover a region where we still take the time to live. The charm of Provence is to be found in the markets with their delicious perfumes, in the cabins nestled in the creeks or in a good bouillabaisse shared among friends. And that is worth all the gold in the world!

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France has its dream island, in the heart of the Mediterranean. But make no mistake, Corsica is not just another region on the map of France.

This secret and wild island owes its fierce independence of spirit, its identity, the fruit of a profoundly Mediterranean crossbreeding. And this is what makes all the charm of the Island of Beauty.

Certainly, the beaches are paradisiacal, the creeks are ravishing and the mountains are abrupt. The Calanche de Piana, the Agriates desert or the Cap Corse are all spectacular sites, as exotic as they are disconcerting.

But Corsica is not limited to its landscapes, however splendid they may be. This island is above all a culture and stories, sometimes hard and tragic, but also a joy to live. You only have to taste the local food and wines to be convinced of this. The gods must have chosen Corsica as a holiday destination…

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