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Travel Places, 6 destinations and countries to visit in 2020

Top 6 Countries To Visit In 2020

1. Łódź – Poland

Łódź (pronounced “Woutch”) is one of its European cities that experienced a prosperous industrial period followed by a rapid decline. But here in Poland, residents, and entrepreneurs have reinvested abandoned factories to transform them into cultural venues, cafés, housing, and shopping centres.

There is also a dense cultural scene: a film school, cartoon studios. If the infamous Polanski was educated in the city, it is also the city of the Oscar-winning pianist Arthur Rubinstein. And if you venture a little further afield, you will also see a curious combination of dilapidated buildings and more than a hundred murals. At 1h30 by train from Warsaw, Łódź is one of those “trendy trash” cities to visit between May and October!

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2. Route du Rhône by bike or train – Switzerland and France

I have my origins in the Swiss mountains. I sprang up next to a glacier and quickly reached the valley of the Valais, Lake Geneva, and then the hills and villages of France before arriving in Lyon, the bourgeoisie. The good people dance next to me at the Pont d’Avignon. I face the Mistral, that powerful wind that lifts me up, as well as the gladiators in the arenas of Arles. Then, at last, I can contemplate the horses of the Camargue or pass by the lavender before throwing myself body and soul into the Mediterranean Sea. From mountainous Switzerland, I am the meeting point between Europe, Africa and Asia, while feeding the fields to feed you and the vines to intoxicate you.

3. Austria

If the beautiful scenery, the history, and architecture of Vienna and the Austrian folklore are not enough for you, here are 5 good reasons to visit Austria in 2020.

Travel green in Vienna, a city with a focus on sustainable tourism in 2020.
In addition to Air Canada, Austrian Airlines now offers direct flights from Montreal to Vienna. It’s easy to get there now!
If you like electronic music and winter sports, the Snowbombing festival, which takes place on April 13 in Mayrhofen. Is for you.
The Wiener Wiesn-Fest, Austria’s equivalent of the Oktoberfest, is your chance to experience Austrian beer, food. And folk music from September 26th to October 13th, 2020 in Vienna.

Experience a traditional Austrian Christmas on St. Nicholas’ Day, December 6, a day of parades in the capital. Christmas markets also await you from November to January.

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When we say Rwanda, what does it make you think of? I’m sure most people would say genocide! Yes, that is the sad memory we have of a country that has so much to offer and that is known as the country of a thousand hills! The landscapes are breathtaking with many forests, lakes, national parks, etc…. There are many activities to do. The one not to be missed under any circumstances (except perhaps the cost. Is a meeting with the impressive mountain gorillas. An unforgettable magic moment! The country is a full development, it is very safe, its inhabitants are charming, so it is time to go and enjoy it with the secret to be revealed!

5. Nicaragua

If there’s one place I’ve been waiting to go back to for a while, it’s Nicaragua. The anti-government demonstrations and political violence that rocked the country in 2018. Appear to have been contained and the Canadian government has lifted its recommendation to avoid all travel to that area. So I will start 2020 with a trip to Nicaragua!

I had visited this country in 2016 and I had completely fallen under the spell. My favorites; Ometepe Island where jungle and volcanoes meet and allow for hiking with breathtaking scenery. And the Rivas region, more precisely in Popoyo, where the waves make the happiness of the apprentice surfer that I am and where the beaches quickly make you forget that it’s freezing at the moment in Quebec! I also have good memories of the colorful colonial-style streets of Granada. I will have the pleasure of finding all these places soon… Takeoff is scheduled for December 31st!

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6. Colombia

Why visit Colombia in 2020? Because a country that has just elected a woman as the head of its capital, openly homosexual and a symbol of the fight against corruption. Makes you dream and make you want to know more about this country that still suffers from a reputation that no longer exists. And football lovers will be able to attend the Copa America matches to be held in June in Colombia (but also in Argentina). Because this country is full of incredible natural beauty, landscapes of rare diversity, and friendly and cheerful people that I have rarely had the opportunity to meet. And because this nugget is opening more and more to tourism… and it is therefore in 2020 that we must go there quickly!

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